Sampson Chemical Products

Sampson Chemical Products is a privately owned and operated Qld based company that was established in 1985 with its humble beginnings on the veranda of the family home.

Sampson Chemicals was soon established in the market place by producing high quality cleaning products at competitive prices. With distribution through varying industry sectors such as; Mining, Heavy and Light Industry, Food Service, Automotive, Commercial Cleaning, Retail and Custom Manufacture you are bound to have used Sampson’s products or used something cleaned with one of their products.

Unfortunately for Sampson Chemical Products their great strength in Custom Manufacture and Private Label means the Sampson Brand is hardly known despite thirty years of a growing business with products sold into the likes of Blackwoods, BHP, Bunnings, Metcash and others. This is exactly how Private Label and Custom Manufacture clients like it but it does present brand awareness challenges for the company.

Therefore in recent years Sampson Chemical Products have moved more and more into the family home and now offer a substantial range of domestic and commercial quality products into this area under the Sampson brand. Products for the laundry, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, floors, car and more that have all been tried and proven by the rigours of big industry, commercial cleaners and industry experts. You can therefore trust a Sampson Chemical Product.

Sampson Chemical Products – “KNOWN FOR STRENGTH”