Private Label

Sampson Chemical Products Specializes in private label with around 85% of our business coming from companies that have their name on our products.

Private label has so many advantages in a hostile shifting market. We have seen over the years in the grocery market private label move from the cheap version to quality and well priced.

Why private label works in the Cleaning Industry?

  • Price wars are kept to a minimum when you have your own product that no one else has.
  • Advertising is free! Everyone that buys your product has your business name in their view every time they clean.
  • There is no confusion when your customers re-order.  They won’t ever forget where they bought it – Even if they change staff!

Why Private Label with Sampson Chemicals?

  • Many of our clients have managed to cut down on the number of suppliers when stocking our range as it is extensive, competitively priced and of a very high standard. This in turn saves our clients money on freight, stock holdings and time as they have fewer companies to deal with.
  • We have a reputation for No Back Orders! Back orders can suck the life out of your business. Your customers don’t get their products when they need them and you look bad. How much do back orders cost your business?